Flashmob TODAY!

20 05 2010

Today, Thursday May 20th, is our flashmob to demand immediate passage of the Employment Non Discrimination Act, with gender identity provisions intact. The flashmob, a piece of political street theater, will begin promptly at noon, outside the federal building at 230 S Dearborn, and will involve bringing a copy of our call to action to Senator Richard Durbin.

Many people may ask, “Why target Senator Durbin? After all, he is a co-sponsor of ENDA.” Although we’re very glad our Senator has co-sponsored the bill, we have seen him do precious little else to support it. As the Majority Whip of the Senate, the second highest ranking Democrat in the Senate, we need Senator Durbin to stand before the media and his colleagues and forcefully advocate for this bill’s immediate passage.

THIS IS AN EMERGENCY. Our community needs ENDA now because we face disproportionate workplace harrassment, unemployment and poverty. (Read the call to action for specific numbers.) And although the vast majority of the public agrees that no one should be fired for being LGBTQ, the Democrats are dragging their feet on following through with their promises and passing ENDA. If they wait too long, most agree that the bill will have NO CHANCE to pass this election cycle!

The LGBTQ community has stepped up to the plate and done our part. We gave votes, money, and countless hours of volunteer work to elect a Democratic majority in both houses of Congress and a put a Democrat in the White House. We have lobbied our representatives and educated the public. We were told to wait until after the health care bill passed, and it has passed. We did our work, NOW CONGRESS MUST DO THEIRS. We ask Senator Durbin to fight for his constituents by getting this bill into law.




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